TSINAKAN DREAMS (Essay critique)

(Essay critique)

Kh. Choidogjamts

That wasn’t the light,
But arrived to witness the light[2]

Ah balam holcan,
Kikel u chi kikel yichac,

Baknal xan hantah bak, ah cimzah uinic[3]
“...Like the first Aureliano Buendia destroyed the panthers in the area, Hose ArkadioBuendiga’s fearfully strong, dangerous and sharply launched spear staked his throat...”[4]

“...Chinggis  Khaan was admirably inspired by defeating the Tanguds as he wanted and his spirit was bowed like the panther going to jump to his prey. Vehement desire to defeat and to conquer was flaming like a fire in his spirit...”[5] Tsinakan woken up by his dreams. But he started another dream. How many years have passed since he was imprisoned in the stone dungeon together with a leopard, and if the leopard is still on the other side of the wall, he could no longer figure out but just sank in the dream world without the time and space measures. He thought, No dream which comes from a dream, however, he couldn’t wake up but dreaming and groping...Interestingly, he sees one incident in his dream, when he wakes up in his dream he continues dreaming another incident. Every new dream is connected with the previous ones with invisible joins like a sand.
“...Temuujin’s yellow eyes were full of enmity and revenge, he took out his sword and was unhurriedly coming round...Say again, Khan-Tumur got panic when Temujin said suddenly. He never noticed that Temuujin has such bright yellow eyes...And Temuujin’s horrible look almost blinded his eyes, inevitably, he looked away...He even couldn’t move when a stranger quickly approached him. The bright yellow eyes said it was Temuujin...”[6]. Every time he wakes up he knows that such endless dreams come from the co-jailed leopard and hypnosis of its yellow eyes and bottomless spots, but he can’t follow his thoughts as Tsinakan is seized by his dreams again. “...The leopard unhurriedly lifted its head with weirdly bright eyes and stared at the rock with a few trees on it...As for the hungry leopards, who showed mercy to the old mountain goats, this slaughter was dreadfully fierce...Of course, were afraid. But it was not such fearful, but rather hateful case. Because the leopards are foresighted animals such...”[7].
At first, this endless dreaming and journey gave comfortable feeling just coherent to his goals. It is the secret writing of the God, the host of everything, the saver of everything, the two dreams had a strong influence to find the bright idea to decrypt those magic words from the skin of the leopard on the other side of the wall. The first was  God Dionos, who rides a leopard and turns to a panther when furious[8]. The second was the native Americans or ancient Maya Indians’ horoscope, where the human life cycle and characteristics were the signs of 20 days horoscope, sharply different from each other. In my dreams I emphasized the leopard or “stem” day writing and sign, the word “stem” in Maya’s language is translated as “processed skin”...Except the leopard signs, there are also many grains of sand in the writing. In my dreams I recognized the short broken lines as the sand movement[9].

In fact, this foresighted dream irrevocably persuaded Tsinakan that there are words which told the human about all the ideal “nature” and matter of the universe, and it is difficult to say or describe how his imagination was excited. Just imagine that the “co-prisoner” was that hem for a tiny man, who was looking for the god’s eternal word from a stone dungeon...Therefore,  “I thought as the last slave of the god it might be my fate destiny to decode this writing”. From now on as a light came into the dark hole, I started investigating the spots on the leopard skin, netted in the wall, soon, my thoughts and imagination turned into absurd dreams surprisingly for myself.
By dreaming from the dreams for many years (but not sure) Tsinakan observed that although the continuation of a new dream was different, they all showed the same sign at the end. The dream might be too complicated and external, however, if I dream myself as the main character, it will be the signal for the start of next new dream. Same was with the end of this dream. “...I was heartily drawing a portrait of Chinggis Khaan with a magic mirror in his chest and with the image of a horse in the mirror. I was drawing only with only a black pencil but the eyes were green. The people, who saw my painting, said the person was squint-eyed. But a doctor said he is not squint-eyed man but it is the picture of thought. When a man is absorbedwith thinking, the eyesight is different, he said. The picture was scrabbled R.Choinom, however, it was legible...”[10]
He had no idea what events and what kind of people were coming into his dreams, but he felt that one same thing was shown like a prediction of something and he was jailed in the dungeon in his dreams. Later, he was dreaming the leopards continuously, but it was rather confusing than interesting. While Tsinakan was musing that the simple human, who was searching the eternal writing, has been turning into the “dream about leopards”, his new dream started. Suddenly, it was a dream without leopards. “...The mass started revolts for being in the vanguard of the social life and for deserving the scientific and technical progresses. This is how the crowds happen. It isn’t easy to make public something that is devoted for minority. Here, we can see a new phenomena of how the public enters the minority place without losing its public nature and displacing them ...”[11] He had no time to think about the “new words” as the mass, crowd, new phenomena, when the next dream started. “...The meager nobly ceased his many years of fist among this mass revolt, however, still felt anxiety... In fact, not this faithfully fisting meager but the universe was denying his achievement and cheating him... Soon, a young leopard was put into the meager cage. Everyone, who saw the majestic wild predator’s jumping in the cage, which was calm for a long time, got furious and thrilled... Curious mass crowd in front of the cage and stare the leopard with admiring eyes[12]. Many people in front of the cage neglect the meager but stare the leopard, this kind of “odd” dream seemed like him, who was trying to find the natural laws of the spots of the leopard through the netted window of the stone dungeon, and this thought made him to feel doubtful about the special script of the god. He strongly believed that the “blankly” dreams were burying him as he was searching for the common nature of others and that these dreams appeared to wake him up from abstract feelings. The next dream arrived to make him understand that recognizing own dreams is the only way to survive from this hypnosis and wake up earnestly. “...Look at these overflowing people! They are always sick, vomit with envy and say it is strange. They swallow each other but never absorb themselves...”[13]
He recognized that if continue this way for some more time he will be stooped by the alien dreams and “die before waking up earnestly” and that the singularity about the writing will swallow Tsinakan in his dreams like the grains of sand. Now he  begs for only one thing: to dream that he is waking up back to his reality and to his only cognitive in this stone dungeon and wake up earnestly. So, “...I wish this fish sleeps, so I can sleep, too. I want to see a lion in my dreams. Why the nicest memories in my life are those lions?.. The old man dreams about lions[14] and only after these dreams I puzzled out the god writing and the leopard, instantly made asleep the great desire about the heaven writing, compared with the nature and the strongest aspiration to wake up back to my irremovable existing defeated the abstract imagination, so that Tsinakan called the last dream himself.
Watching the Environment”, a program about animal world. They are describing the leopards, their species and life conditions. In particular, when the researcher was describing the mountain leopards, very few in Mongolia, he said that a leopard never roars and has no vocal cord[15].  Leopard never roars, leopard never roars, leopard never roars, by shouting so Tsinakan could wake up finally in the stone prison, which seemed so close and nice. Quickly, he remembered hundreds of un-roaring leopards, absurd spots, and various confusing dreams and thought, I must roar, I saw my own dream, and his thought “echoed” in the stone dungeon. I could find the god’s eternal holy writing as the formula of life, consisting of 8 syllabus and 22 words.

Oh my, the cheer of cognition is much higher the cheer of imagination”. Tsinakan found the holy motivation of the universe in his thinking but not through someone’s imagination or feeling. The god’s writing is not dependent to him but I, Tsinakan, the real god’s writing  myself, wake up with such thoughts...Tsinakan  saw an infinite high Wheel and it wasn’t behind him, nor in front of him, nor next to him but everywhere. The Wheel was made with fire and the water, the spoke was visible but with no ends”. The wheel was promoting endlessly to the four directions and four intermediate points like the cart wheels, and from this wheel Tsinakan heard his own voice like the sutra: The words “...Both the spirit and the body will derive at the right time after conjuncture, therefore, the body has no own nature. The body emerged during conjuncture, hence, it is not eternal. If the body had own nature, it would turn into everything it wanted...Likewise, the spirit has no own nature. The spirit will derive at the right time after conjuncture, therefore, it is changeable...”[16]. Real wake up is the nicest “dream” for Tsinakan and if it was the god’s scriptures and what was its implication, now, it has turned to an uninteresting cognition. But the god’s writing Tsinakan has clearly recognized that the leopard on the other side of the wall was the Chilam balam[17] and this was peerless happiness and pathos.

May 09, 2017

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